Thursday, April 18, 2013

Love Love Love..

Love Love Love
Is it really Love
Or is it some cupid above
Ever since I have seen you
I have seen you as mine
From the moment i saw your face
You've been all over my mind
ever since you ve called me a frnd
All i want is to be with you all the time
The day you've touched me
I no longer wish the worldly pleasures around me
And though i do not drink
Your eyes make me drown
You laugh once..
and the world's mine
For i have never seen anything so pure
So full of love and so full of cure
you've made me feel and you've made me love
you dont know what i have in my heart
So i say to you with all my heart; today
I surrender to you
every breath of mine
Accept my accept innocent love
I beg you, be mine
If you cant decide, just be silent
And not hurry..think it again
But do not say a No!
Or else all that i have back
Is a tear in my eye
and a glass of wine!